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Fun Faces welcomes all fans of fun to Funville! Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a frivolous site for just any old event. This is the place for your face to grace a new space that is anything but a commonplace. It’s an imaginative place of play inside a world of wonderful weirdness.

Feel like facing off with a foe from your favorite fantasy fiction? Maybe you make a mask of your mate mean-mugging for her momentous matrimony? Dare you die-cut the dreamy Danny Devito for a date night? To put it unsimply, Fun Faces is a place to entertain ideas that are more than your brain can contain.

Life-Size Cutouts

They're cutouts, and they're life-sized.

Big Heads

They're heads, but they're really big.


Fun Faces

When it comes to faces, they don't get much more fun than this.

Raise Some Fun

Want a fun way to support your organization, team, or non-profit while making a profit? Who wouldn't? Earn 10% every month through our Fun Raiser.

Your face never
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Fun faces in the wild