It’s cake.

It’s my best friend’s birthday. It’s my cat’s engagement party. It’s my cactus’ quinceanera. These are all acceptable answers to why you’re here. There’s no wrong reason to be here. Unless you’re looking for a Thai food restaurant nearby, but we put a link in here just in case. But, if you’re here for the fun, follow these steps.

Upload it.
You don’t have to cut it out yourself.
That’s not fun
Pay for it.
Wait for it.

48" Leprechaun Cutout [NO FOLD] [Weather Resistant]

The Leprechaun is back for his gold. [NO FOLDS]

48" Tall 3/16inch thick.


For such large items to be packaged shipping is $55-75 depending on the region.

**This is professionally printed on CORRUGATED PLASTIC, NOT CARDBOARD, so it can be used indoors and outdoors, and year after year!**

Please note, that the larger size items may be carefully folded in order to ship economically, but folding will not damage the item. Also, indoor easel stands do not come with them but can be added for an additional $6. If using outdoors, we highly recommend using a wooden yard stake or medal rod bar for sturdy support.

Please note that due to ongoing USPS delays, delivery times are not guaranteed through USPS. If needed as a rush or expedited, please let us know so we may see other shipping options.
48" Leprachaun
Easel stand

Please note that due to ongoing USPS delays and delivery times are not guaranteed.We also offer FedEx delivery as an alternate option with more secure and guaranteed deliveries.