It’s cake.

It’s my best friend’s birthday. It’s my cat’s engagement party. It’s my cactus’ quinceanera. These are all acceptable answers to why you’re here. There’s no wrong reason to be here. Unless you’re looking for a Thai food restaurant nearby, but we put a link in here just in case. But, if you’re here for the fun, follow these steps.

Upload it.
You don’t have to cut it out yourself.
That’s not fun
Pay for it.
Wait for it.

Patriotic and 4rth of July FunFaces


Get all of your Patriotic Fun Decorations here. 9x12 cutouts with sticks included and adhesives for those photos. Set them on tables, hang them on the walls or from your ceilings, indoors and outdoors, either way, they will look great!!

For 4rth of July celebrations and gatherings.

Top Hat
Uncle Sam
Flag Star
Eagle Wings
Flag Heart

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