About Face

We’re on a pretty simple mission: To bring fun and excitement to any occasion. We believe that we’re sprinkling joy into the world one fun face at a time. And, it’s the only thing we’re serious about. If you’re reading this, welcome. You’re fun enough to join us in this mission. We don’t have many rules except for one: Don’t take yourself too seriously. That’s when the good stuff happens.

Every party needs a mascot

Meet the Funfessionals


A karaoke queen and torso-less dancing machine, Fiona is the final ingredient in any party.


For someone without ears, Ash is an audiophile and will move her "body" to anything from Hip Hop to Dream Pop.


The quiet one of the clan, Colbs prefers to let the others shine while he contemplates his heady existence.


As cool as a cucumber and just as skinny, Eduardo's hat game is only rivaled by his parade of shades.

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